Tuesday 1 April 2014

A Work in Progress...

I started to crochet at around October-time last year. I've been doing it fairly frequently since, but haven't made much progress. This is due to me only having enough time to make one or two items before I have to go to school or whatever else.
I was taught the basics by the lovely Cath from Cath's Crochet. I have since been self-teaching through patterns online and books from the local library, I have even managed to teach at least two other people the basics of crochet, myself!

My aim is to have a blanket by the end, but it seems as though it might take me up to a year or more! Currently I have several Granny Squares, several Maybelle Flowers, a Fox and two Owls. If you hadn't guessed already, my plan is to make a woodland-themed blanket. I'm really excited for when it actually gets finished, which I know will be a long time coming, but I'm excited about it anyway.

I have been using little bits of wool that have been given to me by relatives or friends. So it is what might be called a 'scrap blanket'. I was recently given some advice to ask around at local Charity Shops to see if they have any wool lying around.

I am hoping to soon learn how to make a crochet Hedgehog appliqué, but am yet to find one.

I have been making small pieces on and off since I learned to crochet in October. I am hoping to have a blanket very soon, and am forward to learning all of the new things I discover for my blanket's theme. I shall keep you updated and post again very soon!

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