Monday 19 May 2014

The Busy Period

Unfortunately, as Summer approaches, my diary becomes very full and I have less time to commit to my crafts. Obviously, I would like to take up and participate in hobbies more frequently than I do, but as I'm a student my exam timetable doesn't allow for it.

I am slowly but surely continuing to make squares and various other wooly objects for my WIP blanket, and I will keep you posted on its progress as I promised previously.

Lately, I have been interested in up-cycling. If you are unaware of up-cycling, it's where you get an old object which is a bit worse-for-wear for example, a chair, and spruce it up so it looks as good as new and you can use it again. This got me thinking about an old wooden storage unit (Moppe) I have from Ikea. It is a set of six different-sized drawers made out of a very bare, untreated wood. I used to have this storage unit on my old desk before my room got decorated in 2008, and it has been hoarded in the back of my wardrobe ever since. Being a fairly creative child, this set of drawers has been battered and bruised, and its current state is definitely not its best. It is dirty, and has the odd scribble mark where a pen has been tested on it, so isn't particularly nice to look at, hence why it was shoved to the back of he wardrobe never to be seen again.

I recently decided that it was a shame for this storage unit to be left unused and abandoned, and that it took up far too much room in my rather small wardrobe. So now, it is left on my desk, empty and full of potential.

I believe that this is going to be my project over the Summer period, to make it look all pretty again. I have decided that I might decoupage the unit so it not only looks better after being primed, but it looks bright and appealing. I look forward to sharing my further plans on this with you soon!

I am also in the process of making the bunny I mentioned in my previous post. The poor little thing was thrown to the side (not literally!) to make way for revision and school work.

I'm hoping that in the coming weeks I have time to do the things I enjoy as school ends. Then again, I will be away camping a lot as it's that time of year. Perhaps I'll be able to fit in some hobby-time while I'm in the tent at some point... We shall see.

Until next time!